donatie uit Bamako, Mali

We ontvingen een prachtige donatie uit Bamako, Mali, bij elkaar gebracht door deze internationale vrienden: Alex, Allan (USA), Steijn (NL), Teodor (Sweden), Tiecoura (Mali) en River (USA).

Het begeleidende schrijven van Wouter and Paula Dobbelaar vertelt hoe de donatie van € 245,- tot stand is gekomen. Prachtig!!

“We are writing to you on behalf of our Steijn Dobbelaar and his friends, River, Teodor, Tiecoura, Allan and Alex. We live in Bamako, Mali and attend the American International School of Bamako.
At the end of last school year, they had a great idea to collect money for a good cause with Origami. They had decided to donate the money towards the Semmy Foundation. The reason they chose this good cause is because Steijn lost a family friend at the age of 14 to this form of brain cancer a few years ago, and River’s uncle died of brain cancer at the age of 29, just before River was born. After reading the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, which shares the story of how a young Japanese girl battling Leukemia kept hope alive by making paper cranes, the boys decided to sell origami with their friends to contribute to the brain cancer campaign.

They collected 40.000 cfa, which is about 71 Euro during the last days of school. Thanks to all the kids and the support of the parents. The parents of River and Steijn decided to put down the same amount, and the parents of Steijn friend who died of this type of brain cancer also decided to equal this amount. So in the end a total of 160.000 cfa, so a total of 245 Euro was donated and is already transferred to the foundation.

We are happy to see that the 1 mln for the new robot was collected and hope that you can all continue to carry on your good work together with the Academic Hospital in Amsterdam which is specialising in finding a cure for this type of brain cancer.

Thanks for all your good work,

Kind Regards from Bamako, Mali,

Wouter and Paula Dobbelaar”